My bad.

I’m done with you.


Ay, here you go. You asked! This isn’t the best I can do. It was really quick so it sort of really sucks? Hard core. Anyway, grammar rules still apply because it 3:30 in the morning. blah, blah, blah.    

Cherry wakes up in the morning and her sun isn’t there. It’s gloomy outside, dreary with grey and storm clouds. All she wants to do is crawl into her bed and bury herself in the blankets. She doesn’t want to face the day because her sun isn’t smiling at her and he won’t be smiling at her. He won’t be there and she can hardly smell his scent on the sheets. She buries her face into the fabric and takes a deep breath. The rain starts to fall.

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Possibly. Maybe. Who knows.

please love me. please do it.

Hehehehehehehehe. :’3

i’m blaming this on you. you did this.

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All I got to say is you provoked me a bit and I gave. (If there is any grammatical errors or anything of the sort, it’s 1 in the morning and I didn’t really go over it well.)

There is something in the way the sun breaks through the dusty window and floods the entire room in a honey-coloured light that makes Cherry remember every little thing about how good the world can be.

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and cheshire said ‘let THERE BE MORE CHEAN’ right??

You will have to talk with Cheshire about there being more~ :3

Lord give me strength. but holy shit this is really cute this first one SO FLUFFY.

"She wants to take a picture of this Dean, this serene Dean, and carry it in her pocket to remind herself that nothing is bad forever. Not even in this godforsaken world."

let me cry

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